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We believe that showing is better than telling.

Go on a unique, tailored experience with one of our expert, enthusiastic guides who will ensure you walk away with special memories and insights that matter to you. Alongside one of our guides you will have an opportunity to explore, observe and experience many aspects of Japanese society: the food, outdoors, history, art and much more.

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There is much work to be done for Americans to better understand and work with Japan, and vise-versa. Lauren Zelek is the person to help make this happen. Since meeting Lauren I've seen her relentless work to bridge our two nations through education, travel, and effective business relations. Her lively entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring, and she truly is a bridge, goodwill ambassador and leader between Japan and the US.

Nobu Aoki

Senior Advisor, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Washington DC Former Bureau Chief & Editorialist, The Sankei Shinbun/ Japanese Daily Newspaper

December 2017

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