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If you’re doing business with a Japanese company (or hoping to win one as a partner or client), observing and learning cultural elements has a profound impact on communication, decision making, and ultimately, on the effectiveness and success of the business relationship.

We provide business and liaisoning services for American organizations, startups and communities looking expand operations to Japan, and vise versa for Japanese entities venturing into the US.

Through our private consultations, we help make communication, understanding, and negotiations easier for you so you are able to focus on reaching successful agreements.

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Japan would not have been a reality for me without ZI’s incredible support and guidance. Lauren Zelek’s passion for Japan was infectious and it made me love Japan before I stepped foot here. The connections ZI helped me make gave me peace of mind and wonderful memories. This trip has been the best of my life. I can’t thank ZI enough for their role in making that happen.

Sarah Nuttcomb

Solo Traveler

May 2017

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