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“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” - Persian poet Saadi

We believe all individuals are global citizens and continuously have the potential to serve as culturally-sensitive, aware and respectful ambassadors.

Our workshops are built to guide participants beneath Japan’s history and culture as well as educate them on societal values, attitudes and behaviors.

Through our stimulating, interactive discussions and group activities, our goal is to ensure each participate walks out with the best intercultural tools and resources that build trust, strengthen relations and yield tangible results.

  • Half-day workshop

  • Full-day workshop


Host an Event

Do you have an interest in interacting with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics or highlighting the diverse regions of Japan?

We understand an event is really a tool to engage and communicate with your guests. We work close you to design how to make your next event fresh and impactful. Reach out to learn more.

Japan would not have been a reality for me without ZI’s incredible support and guidance. Lauren Zelek’s passion for Japan was infectious and it made me love Japan before I stepped foot here. The connections ZI helped me make gave me peace of mind and wonderful memories. This trip has been the best of my life. I can’t thank ZI enough for their role in making that happen.

Sarah Nuttcomb

Solo Traveler

May 2017

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